Thursday, March 11, 2010

Farewell Rat Bastard

As a final farewell to Rat Bastard, here's a couple of things that slipped through the cracks. The first is the photo above. The significance of this photo is that it's from the first performance of Rat Bastard (mach III). It was taken in Jim Burns' backyard in 1997.

The second gem is a performance of Rat Bastard (mach I) at The Continental from 1996. One thing that can be said about Mach I is that they played the songs 10 times faster than the latter. The audio download is one continuous track. The songs are... Other Side / School Bus Yellow / Hand Job / Phony Bitch / Sleeping In Graveyards / My Gun / Blind In One Eye / Subtle Quiet / Vanilla Swirl / Hello...I Am Death / Walking On Sunshine

[DOWNLOAD] Rat Bastard @ The Continental (1996)

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