Friday, May 22, 2009

Barking Spiders - Diamond Lil's (1988)

After the closing of Bellmore famed La Serayña, the owners opened up a new dry bar called Diamond Lil's – later changed to Dry Rock Cafe. So being a non-alcohol selling bar they were friendly to a bunch of 17 years olds looking for a gig. December 17th of 1988 would be Barking Spiders first legit show.

Here's a few songs...

"All Talk, No Action"

"Watch Out!"

"Peace Thru Chaos"

"Power Struggle"

And here's a few photos...

Here I am wearing my Barking Spiders denim jacket that I painted. I painted so many murals on that jacket (ie: Metallica's Creeping Death single, 7 Seconds These Boots Are Made For Walking single, Dag Nasty's Can I Say) that it was so thick and stiff from all the layers.
Diamond Lil's were so grateful for the paying crowd that they asked us to come back two weeks later for a New Year's Eve gig. Two weeks was a little soon for another show so we drew about half the crowd from the previous show. I also remember feeling extremely sick that night. The next day I woke up with mono and was out of commission for a month.

Here's some photos from our New Year's Eve show...

If memory serves me correct... I believe that's Bobby S's cabinet with the upside down pentagram. He was in the audience, which pleased me because he was in The Elite, a band we all looked up to.

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