Friday, September 11, 2009

Fried Onions & Stretch Arm Strong @ R.T.I. 5/15/92

Here's The Right Track Inn double-bill show that Dave S's article (last post) alluded to.

First up...Fried Onions...

"Sucking Face With A Clown"

"Mary Jane"

"The Legend Of One-Eyed Sammy"

"Tied Up"

"Miss Magoo"

Al DiBisceglie - vocals, guitar
Joe Kollar - bass
Chuck Scharf - drums

After the Fried Onions left the stage it was time for Stretch Arm Strong. The music for this first song I originally wrote for the short-lived Muff Diver.

"Pseudo Sophistos"

"Dreams Of Youth"

"Pangs Of Liquid Inertia"

"Rage Asunder"

The last Stretch Arm Strong song I'm including is the last song we ever wrote..."Lift The Shades". It's our stab at a thrash-metal song and it's my favorite. I, for one, was listening to a lot of Metallica at the time so I was trying to channel Kirk Hammet during the two minute intro...failing miserably. Looking back, we should've just started the song with the heavy part.

"Lift The Shades"

And here's the complete Right Track Inn soundboard mix for Stretch Arm Strong 5/15/92...

[DOWNLOAD] Stretch Arm Strong @ Right Track Inn 5/15/92
01- Spiral Faces
02- Secular Vow
03- Pseudo Sophistos
04- Dreams Of Youth
05- In The Oven
06- Pangs Of Liquid Inertia
07- Rage Asunder
08- Why?...Pathetic Humans
09- Look Out
10- Lift The Shades
11- The Bridge

Dean Drillbit - vocals, guitar
Frank Fusco - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
John Hoffman - drums


Anonymous said...

Dean is an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess I was but like my boy Denis Leary, I did pride myself on being a mighty arsehole...