Saturday, October 31, 2009

ambibat @ ABC No-Rio - Halloween 1999

Jumping ahead in time a little again – in celebration of Halloween – with ambibat at ABC No-Rio on Halloween in 1999. For this performance we turned off the lights, lit candles and Blaise put a flashlight in is sax (at 5:46). This meant no one could see the video camera I set up on a tripod in the back, so at 2:40 a couple of girls stand in front of the lens and bump into it, throwing the autofocus off. After a while they realize they're in the shot (it's funny seeing the girl look directly into the lens) and they walk away, but the camera remains out of focus. ambibat + flickering shapes and lights = spooky.

[DOWNLOAD] ambibat @ ABC No-Rio - Halloween 1999

Frank Fusco - guitar, electronics
Eric Hoffman - synth, trumpet
Chris Altenhoff - bass, electronics
Blaise Siwula - sax

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