Friday, October 16, 2009

Rat Bastard & Sugarbush @ Roxy 8/31/95

Here's another show I shot back in '95 – a double-bill of Rat Bastard & Sugarbush. Both bands played rather well that day.

First up was Sugarbush...

Sugarbush - "Heading Downtown"

Sugarbush - "Last Call"

Sugarbush - "Angels Are Burning"

Sugarbush - "Toyin' With My Heart"

Sugarbush - "You're The Type Of Girl That Needs A Pair Of Galoshes"

Sugarbush - "Steel/Twisted"

Here's some Sugarbush photos at Roxy...

Then Rat Bastard took the stage with their fancy T-shirts...

Rat Bastard - "Little Pieces"

Rat Bastard - "Subtle Quiet"

Rat Bastard - "I Don't Wanna"

Rat Bastard - "My Gun"

Rat Bastard - "Wet Paint"

Rat Bastard - "Blind In One Eye"

No Rat Bastard photos.

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