Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sugarbush @ The Right Track Inn 5/12/95

Here's a show I shot on my VHS camcorder back in '95...before I had any skills...if I have any now. During the second song the lighting guy decided to ditch his job so much of the set is Sugarbush in silhouette.

Here we go (with a little bonus intro from Jim)...

"Toyin' With My Heart"


"Angels Are Burning"

"Last Call"

Before Sugarbush breaks into Black Sabbath's "A National Acrobat", Jim warns the crowd to "watch out for flying bass guitars", and that "Dave has been known to break things and injure people". Which gets a huge "ZOMBULA!!!!!!!" response from Joe...

"A National Acrobat" (Black Sabbath cover)

Here's some photos from the gig...

And here's the soundboard recording...

[DOWNLOAD] Sugarbush @ The Right Track Inn 5/12/95
01- Toyin' With My Heart
02- Heritage
03- Some Last Words
04- You're The Type Of Girl That Needs A Pair Of Galoshes
05- Angels Are Burning
06- Steel/Twisted
07- Last Call
08- Soul Kitchen
09- National Acrobat
10- Standin' On The Verge Of Gettin' It On


Jim Burns - vocals
Julien Valenstein - guitar
Chris Balsam - drums
Dave Deluca - bass

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