Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ambibat - 1996/1997 Cassette Recordings

Here's a collection of tape cassette recordings from the early stages of ambibat – when we were feeling out our sound. This is the tape that I used to book our shows and I still like it quite a bit...good moments. I also managed to get it in the hands of Thurston Moore when I bumped into him on the street. A month later after one of Thurston's experimental gigs I got to talking to him and he said he liked the tape – he seemed sincere.

Tracks 2, 5 & 8 feature Todd Brunel on bass clarinet. Todd answered our ad in the New York Press and jammed with us about six times before realizing ambibat wasn't for him – he was classically trained. Tracks 1 & 6 feature Blaise's friend Bob Marsh on vocals – and I honestly believe he was the Devil in disguise. Blaise would often invite his musician friends to sit in on our jams when they were traveling through town.

[DOWNLOAD] ambibat - 1996/1997 Cassette Recordings
01- Hades -- (Bob Marsh - vocals)
02- Sunrise -- (Todd Brunel - bass clarinet)
03- Chiller
04- Open
05- Waves -- (Todd Brunel - bass clarinet)
06- BeelzeBob -- (Bob Marsh - vocals)
07- Sneak Attack
08- Darkness -- (Todd Brunel - bass clarinet)
09- Outer Here
10- Murmur
11- Hyperspace
12- Murray Hill -- (Frank & Eric duo)

Frank Fusco - guitar, electronics
Eric Hoffman - drums, trumpet, recorder, synth
Chris Altenhoff - bass, tapes, electronics
Blaise Siwula - sax, reeds, synth on track 3
(special guests)
Todd Brunel - bass clarinet
Bob Marsh - vocals

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