Friday, November 6, 2009

Kill Your Idols...The Conaboy Years (1996-1999)

Jim Conaboy played drums for hardcore punk band Kill Your Idols from 1996 to 1999. The band took its name from a song by Situated Chaos. Makes sense since KYI founding members Andy West and Gary Bennett were introduced to one another by Vinnie Segerra – frontman of Situated Chaos (Dave Deluca was also in SC for a while). Kill Your Idols toured and released a bunch of recordings, finally calling it quits in 2007...long after Jim left the band.

Here's a couple of Kill Your Idols recordings...the Conaboy years...

[DOWNLOAD] Kill Your Idols - This Is Just the Beginning (1998)
01- Can't Take It Away
02- Falling
03- See Through You
04- Enjoy The Show
05- Just The Beginning
06- I'm Still Here
07- Epilogue
08- Shits Creek

[DOWNLOAD] Kill Your Idols - The Skinnier Years (2003)
01 Fasion Statement
02 Freedom (Krakdown Cover)
03 Wake Up Sheep
04 Control
05 Green
06 Small Man Big Mouth (Minor Threat Cover)
07 Lost In Space
08 10 Cents A Day
09 The Path
10 Dread
11 Cousin Fred
12 Change
13 Lead Song (Negative Approach Cover)
14 Lead Song (Negative Approach Cover)
15 Ten Cents A Day

And here's a video Kill Your Idols made for "Dread"...

Andy West - vocals
Gary Bennett - guitar
John Abarno - guitar
John Leonardi - bass
Jim Conaboy - drums

Kill Your Idols on Myspace


Jim said...

actually the video has the members John Abarno (second guitar) and John Leonardi (bass)..Brian Meehan and Paul Delaney joined later on

Franklin Mint said...

Fixed. Thanks Jim.