Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Intellectuals Reunion (June 1998)

In June of '98 The Intellectuals reunited for a 10 year reunion show at the Juke Joint. All the members of the various stages of The Intellectuals were there (see photo above)...except for Billy Kelly (not sure why?).

Here's a little mini-documentary I put together on their reunion (I believe it's Christine Frey's footage) – at the end Steve Zielinski busts out his Kid Fresh floor routine...

And here's a bunch of songs. First up is the Artie line-up...

"We're The Intellectuals"

Jim Burns joined in to sing Jimi Hendrix' "Purple Haze". Unfortunately, the tape I have only catches a piece of it. Sorry Jim.

"Purple Haze" (with Jim Burns) & "Green Acres"

"Bltzkrieg Bop"

Then Dave S took over on bass and things got...interesting...



"Speeding Car"

"Without Her" (with special dildo appearance)

And here's a bunch of photos...

Kevin Purcell - vocals
Joe Kollar - guitar
Eric Hoffman - drums
Art Licata - bass
Dave S - bass
Jim Burns - vocals

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