Friday, December 4, 2009

Splinterface (mid to late 90's)

Speaking of Splinterface (last post)... Though most of the members of Splinterface were from Bellmore, there was no mention of them in Bellmore: The Unscene. Probably because they were rooted in metal rather than punk like the rest of the bands profiled – but that doesn't make them any less of a Bellmore band. In fact, the original – very short-lived – line-up had Jim Conaboy on drums and Dave Deluca on keyboards, no less!

After Situated Chaos broke up, Lenny Lampel and Andy Glasser (Andy Flav) teamed up with Mike Wiltshire and formed Splinterface. I sort of knew Mike from art class at Mepham. (He was the metal head who wore a bone around his neck in my sculpture class.) They put out a few songs on some comps and released a 7" called SEVERED FROM THE WORLD. After Lenny left the band he was replaced by Gerry Giacalone on guitar. Andy and Gerry would later go on to team up with Jim Burns and Kevin Purcell and form Not Saved (which I'll get to some day).

I personally only saw Splinterface perform once...and it wasn't even their show. It was during a Sugarbush set at Wayne's Place when an impromptu Splinterface reunion broke out. It was the Lenny Lampel lineup of Splinterface and I remember liking it a lot...very heavy.

Here's a few Splinterface songs. The first three are Lenny and the last one is Gerry...

[DOWNLOAD] Splinterface
01 My Ugly Self -- Independent Music Fest - NYU Program Board (1995)
02 Amends -- 516 - A Long Island Hardcore Compilation (1996)
03 Mindslave -- 516 - A Long Island Hardcore Compilation (1996)
04 No Roots -- An Under The Volcano Comp (1996)

Mike Wiltshire - bass, vocals
Lenny Lampel - guitar, vocals
Andy Flav - drums
Gerry Giacalone - guitar, vocals

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