Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sugarbush - Spread For The Bread (1997)

In September of '97 Sugarbush went into the studio to record some new tracks. They recorded the songs live to tape – one of which, "'71", was released on a Long Island music compilation...The Whole Magilla (tomorrow's post). But the band decided to shelve the rest of the demo session because they just weren't feeling it.

Jim says...
"...I think I was not happy with it b\c we always sounded a bit trepidacious in the studio...the songs were a lil bit slower than I woulda liked, but listening to it now, with the benefit of time and age, the tape is pretty decent, albeit slow..and trepidacious...;))"

Well the years have past and looking back the recordings weren't that bad. Here's the official release of the lost Sugarbush demo...Spread For The Bread.

[DOWNLOAD] Sugarbush - Spread For The Bread (1997)
01- Take the Hill
02- Cracks in the Sidewalk
03- Blank Page
04- '71
05- Last Call
06- Miles Turned Electric
07- Earth
(bonus track)
08- Take the Hill (take 3)

Jim Burns - vocals
Julien Valenstein - guitar
Chris Balsam - drums
Rich Alfieri - bass

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