Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ambibat - Strider News (1999)

Adam Strider was a fan of New York's experimental scene and produced a bunch of fanzines in the late 90's/early 2000's. Ambibat made it into issue no. 8 (not sure if we made it into others?). The first mention was in a piece about our saxophone player Blaise Siwula. (Blaise is a veteran in the scene and is still very active.)

In this article Adam talks about seeing us twice. He liked the second show better – when we added a drummer. I believe it was David Gould on drums. David was a friend of Blaise's and sat in with us a couple of times. In hindsight, Adam's opinion is pretty valid. When Eric switched from drums to synth we lost some of that driving force. We should've got a full-time drummer. But hindsight has 20/20 vision.

The second time ambibat is mentioned is in the Mogwai write-up. Just a small blurb...

A show for my other band, FrankenHöff, was plugged on the back page of this issue. (Tomorrow's post).

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