Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not Saved (1999 - 2001)

After Sector 7G failed, Jim Burns and Andy Flav recruited ex-Rat Bastard bassist Kevin Purcell and ex-Splinterface guitarist Gerry Giacalone for their new band – Not Saved. Not Saved would go on to become one of Bellmore's heaviest bands.

In 2000, Not Saved recorded a single, "Into the Drink", with Steve Johnson down at Marv Studios. Here it is...

[DOWNLOAD] Not Saved - Into the Drink (2000)
01- Into The Drink

And in 2001, Not Saved recorded their demo, Shit Sandwich, at Rubilad Studio...

[DOWNLOAD] Not Saved - Shit Sandwich (2001)
01- Fantastic Voyage
02- Flat Earth
03- Crash and Burn
04- Excess
05- The Line No Man Wants To Cross
06- Tormented

Below is the Not Saved scene from Bellmore: The Unscene. I'd like to preface it first by saying that some of the views expressed here are not that of the director's (me). During the interviews, the mention of Not Saved brought on some negative vibes. If it was an isolated comment I would've glossed over it, but there was enough that it couldn't be avoided. I had to put my director's hat on and put friendships aside...but we're all big boys now.

In the clip: (in order of appearance) Punk Rock Cathy begs everyone to get back in the bar, Not Saved @ Ground Zero, Joe Kollar, Daveman, Mike Walch, Kevin Purcell, Scott Jacobs, Ron Bianco, Mike Bianco, Jim Burns, Kev's bombshell, Not Saved @ The Continental, and Jim's thoughts on the documentary.

And here's a bunch of Not Saved photos...

Jim Burns - vocals
Gerry Giacalone -Guitar
Kevin Purcell-Bass
Andy Flav-Drums

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