Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Jacobs - Video Historian

Today's post is a special one. If you're part of the "unscene" then you're aware that Scott has rarely been seen without a video camera since 1999. Ever wonder what he's video taped? Well, I've had the honor/nightmare of peeking into the crazy world of Scott Jacobs. When we decided to make Bellmore: The Unscene we knew Scott's footage would be invaluable. I had a lot of band footage from the early years but I was lacking in the later Rat Bastard/Not Saved/Zombula years – which just so happened to be the years Scott was at large.

I'm not sure if Scott ever had plans to do anything with his footage but he was more than happy to help us out with our project. So Scott handed me about 200 tapes...all unmarked...not one of them was labeled. Being the obsessive-compulsive person I am I scanned through all his tapes looking for footage of Bellmore bands and people. What I quickly learned was that Scott has absolutely no filter. On any given tape there would be clips of a Rat Bastard show, hanging at Marv Studios, the Juke Joint, Scott at work, Scott's niece, Scott puking, stuff maybe Scott shouldn't be taping, long stretches of Scott's shoes (not realizing the camera was recording), etc, etc, etc. Basically, I just fast forwarded through the tapes and stopped when something looked useful for the movie.

Another thing I learned is that Scott loves the special effects built in to his camera – especially the night vision setting. Scott's been rockin' the night vision way before Paris Hilton made it chic. He's also fond of the snapshot button. Unfortunately, he often uses it mid-song (when you use the the snapshot button it cuts off the action after a few seconds...cutting off the song). But Scott's the first to admit, when it comes to technique..."Scotty has no style".

After going through all the tapes I wound up with about 10 hours of music and random this and that pertaining to Bellmore. Without Scott's footage there would've been many many holes in Bellmore: The Unscene. And you'll be seeing a lot more shows that Scott recorded, here on the blog.

But today's video is a little different...and special. I put together a 10 minute montage of Scott's non-music related Bellmore footage (though music is always there in the background). Just friends hanging out, cracking jokes, and lots of Walch. That's another thing I learned... Mike Walch is Scott's muse.

THROUGH GLASSY EYES: The Life and Times of Scott Jacobs

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