Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zombula 451˚ & Rat Bastard/The Elite/Bionic Liver @ Juke Joint 1/2/99

To kick off the new year of 1999, Zombula 451˚ came out of retirement for a reunion show at the Juke Joint. This was the show where the band handed out homemade shivs to the audience. Shank Rock!

Opening the show was the debut of Jon Weinstein's "band" Bionic Liver (I'll get to Bionic Liver at a later date). Jon recruited Dave Deluca on bass, Rob Foreman on guitar, and Bobby on drums...

Bionic Liver - "I Took The Bullet For Tattoo"

Then The Elite reunited for the occassion...

The Elite - "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", "The World Is Mine", & "Each Against All"

Then Rat Bastard took the floor...

Rat Bastard - "The Other Side"

Rat Bastard - "Blind In One Eye"

Then it was Zombula time...

Zombula 451˚ - "I Killed Ghandi"

This next song is the only two-camera edit for the night. Up until this point Stamberg's camera was filming the show, but then Scott Jacobs arrived just as the band started playing "Misery" and he began filming. After this song I don't have any more Stamberg footage, just Scott's. And for some reason, Stamberg's camera or Scott's didn't catch the beginning of "Misery" so I had to get creative...

Zombula 451˚ - "Misery"

Zombula 451˚ - "No Fear"

Ron lights the Juke Joint's roof on fire just before they break into "Social Butterhound"...

Zombula 451˚ - "Social Butterhound"

And just in case you missed's Scott and Mike Walch watching Ron light the Juke Joint's roof on fire on the tube...

Zombula 451˚ - "Gotta Go"

Zombula 451˚ - "Not A Chance"

Zombula 451˚ - "Pilgrim Song"

Zombula 451˚ - "The New Way"

Whew...Deluca must've been pretty tired after this show.

And here's Zombula's complete performance in mp3 form. I think Brian Gressler taped it...

[DOWNLOAD] Zombula 451˚ @ Juke Joint 1/2/99
01- Fortunate Son
02- Sweet Home Alabama
03- I Killed Ghandi
04- Misery
05- No Fear
06- Love Affair
07- Car Crash
08- Social Butterhound
09- Gotta Go
10- Not A Chance
11- Pilgrim Song (false start)
12- Pilgrim Song
13- The New Way
14- End Of The World
15- ?

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