Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bellmore Folk Legend: Bunky

Day two of "Bellmore Folk Legend Week"!

Bunky's rise to "Folk Legend" stopped rising at about 3 feet 5 inches. Yes, Bunky was a midget. "Was"...because Bunky passed away about eight or so years ago. RIP

Bunky's interaction with the "unscene" was around the late '90s/early '00s – and always within a bar scenario. Besides his height issue, Bunky also had a drinking issue...and an anger issue. Wouldn't you?

My only interaction with Bunky was at the last Rat Bastard show (which he was mentioned in the Big Roy video yesterday). I was sitting on a bar stool at Ground Zero talking with some friends when I felt a slow and constant pushing in my side. I looked over...then down...to find Bunky pushing me off the stool. No "excuse me" or "pardon me", he went straight to pushing. I figured he needed the height to order a drink so I just gave him the stool. No "thank you" neither.

Here's what some of the "unscene" had to say about Bunky...

"Bunky wrestled for Mepham back in the '50s. In the late '70s, early '80s Bunky used to tend bar at The Piano Lounge on the corner of Newbridge & Camp across from Cono's, next to Custom Cycle. They put 4 milk crates with blanks across them behind the length of the bar...so he could work it. My Dad was a regular there." – Dave Jemmott

"Big Roy new him well and knew his mother. I think I was in a car with you and he was waiving at me the first time I saw him." – Dave S

"All I can remember was throwing my back out while trying to help him get back on a bar stool at the Juke Joint. That little fucker was made of lead." – Jim Muscarella

"Bunky the Midget pissed in his pants at the Juke Joint. I also invited him to a party and he took the invitation and with his reading glasses looked at it very closely and ripped it up and threw it in my face." – Dave S

Here's another angry Bunky story by Daveman...

"Bunky had an imaginary friend. This friend was racist. One night at the Juke Joint they both stumbled in. I helped Bunk up onto the bar stool like I always did and went back around the bar...I asked him what he wanted. He leaned toward the empty bar stool next to him and whispered. He looked up at me and said. "Nothing for him. I'll have a short beer." (I know..a 'short' beer).

Basketball was on the TV. The bar started filling up and someone wanted to sit in the imaginary friends spot. I wouldn't let them. As the night went on, Bunky got more drunk and started yelling "God damn nigger handball!!", at the TV. He became more belligerent and louder. People were getting uncomfortable and asked me to take care of it. I went over to Bunk and said, "Hey man...easy with the racial slurs." He apologized and told me he'd take care of it. He leaned over to the empty chair and said, "Behave! You're gonna get us thrown outta here."

I thought that was the end of it. It wasn't. He muttered, "psss psss psss fucking niggers...." "Bunky!", I snapped. "I'm warning you."...as I turned around and rang up a drink. "These GOD DAMN NIGGERS!!! Always on the GOD DAMN TV!!! FUCKING SPEAR CHUCKERS!!!", he exploded. "That's it!!!" I shot out from behind the bar and bee lined to the empty seat. I grabbed the thin air as if I had a guy by the collar and waist. I ran to the door, kicked it open...and heaved this imaginary tub out on to the street. I turned around and said, "You're next Bunk." I went over to him, helped him down, escorted him out the door. He looked up at me and said. "Once again, I apologize. We won't be back."...as he waddled down the street." – Dave Jemmott

Bunky...we salute you.


Henrique Correia said...

I was looking for the place where the Piano Lounge was, because I never knew the place (I don't live in the U.S.). The owner was a cousin of mine, Mr. Joseph "Eddie" da Silva.
Then I stepped into your blog and found a description of the place in "Bellmore Folk Legend: Bunky" (March 16, 2010). Now I know it was in Newbridge Road & Camp Ave, but the references to "Cono's" and "Custom Cycle" puzzled me because I think they no longer exist. I looked out in Google Street View and figured out that "Custom Cycle" is now "Jerry's Auto Center". Right? But the track ended there - no trace of "Cono's". Next to Jerry's Auto Center there are a few small stores. Was The Piano Lounge one of them? Could you help me please?
Thank you very much

Henrique Correia said...

I forgot to mention my e-mail address, as you might prefer to send me a private message:
Thanks again and sorry to bother you


Bunky was a little pissed at redheads one night, and I watched as he was removed by the staff ! Godspeed bunk!