Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loved and Hated @ Ground Zero (4/21/01)

Jim Collette formed Loved and Hated during his time in Agnostic Front...continued it after his time in Agnostic Front...put it on hold while doing time...and picked it back up as if no time passed at all.

Here's Loved and Hated at Bellmore's Ground Zero...


"Fucked Up"



The video in this next one gets messed up a little. It starts with "C'mon Everybody", then cuts to "Loved and Hated" – with guest appearance by Mike Walsh. And in the middle of "Loved and Hated", there's a quick shot of a random rowboat in a pond before cutting back to the song...then the end of the song gets cut off. How does Scott manage to do that?...a boat? (I kid with you Scott...seriously...without your footage all this would be lost forever. Thanks again.)

"C'mon Everybody" (cut) & "Loved and Hated" (cut)

I usually like to share the band's music in these profiles but if they sell them on amazon or iTunes, I refrain. So if you're interested, you can buy the Loved and Hated album, Hardcore Punk's Not Dead, at one of those sites.

You can also learn more about Loved and Hated at their myspace page...

And here's some photos of the band...

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