Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Saved & ambibat @ Ground Zero (5/26/01)

In May of 2001 Jim invited my band to play Ground Zero with Not Saved. I thought it would be cool to introduce the ambibat sound to the people of Bellmore. I'm not sure how well it went over, though...judging by the amount of chatter during the mellow parts.

Scott Jacobs was there with his video camera (of course) and shot a good deal of it. No Not Saved...unfortunately. I cut it down to roughly 10 minutes because YouTube has a silly 10 minute rule...

Frank Fusco - guitar, electronics
Chris Altenhoff - bass, electronics
Doug Walker - arp odyssey
Blaise Siwula - saxophone

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notsaved said...

we only played fer about 10-15 mins before the cops came and hut us guys and, i don't wanna talk smack, but i don't recall too many OTHER Bellmore bands shut down by the pigs..;))