Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bionic Liver @ High Noon Saloon (8/11/01)

Jon Weinstein desperately wanted Bionic Liver to be a real band but the band didn't feel the same way. So Jon's alternative was to go "unplugged". It might've also been an attempt to secure a spot in the Bellmore movie...maybe.

Regardless...at times we had three cameras shooting this stunt. Some may say three too many. Not me.

"Love Is Just A Bag Of Coke Away"

Mike Walch lent Jon his vocal talents during this next one...


"I Took The Bullet For Tattoo"

The footage about half way through this next song was awful so I cut in a scene of Joe Kollar wrestling Dave S on the floor...

"Young Girls"

"You're Too Good For My World"

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