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Bellmore-A-Thon (11/10/01)

In response to the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Jim Muscarella (Hi-Tide Pictures) organized Bellmore-A-Thon – a music festival benefit featuring Bellmore bands. Being that there were no longer music venues in Bellmore it was held at the Wrong Way Inn in Amityville. All proceeds were donated to the Community Wellness Council of the Bellmores and Merricks, Inc. to help aid the families affected by the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

We also filmed the event as a potential story line for the Bellmore documentary. But the show was plagued with poor sound and technical difficulties so it didn't make the cut – though I doubt it would've even if it came out great. The subject matter is just too overwhelming and would've gotten in the way of the Bellmore story. The events of 9/11 did sneak into the final cut, but only briefly.

We did, however, include it in the DVD extras. The clip includes "Say It In English" by Earl Pickens and the Black Mountain Marauders, and "Voices" by Eggplant Queens. Also, providing commentary on the bands, not the event, is John Blenn (Editor-In-Chief of L.I. Entertainment newspaper). Here it is...

Heston Rifle kicked off the show. Only one person in the band was from Bellmore (the guitarist on the left). They were also an unknown band within the "unscene". I questioned Jim's decision to include them since they weren't one of the bands we were profiling for the documentary. I forget his reasoning but I remember him having one. Anyway, I quite liked them. They reminded me of Mogwai a little.

Heston Rifle - "Tris Babollsa"

Then it was the debut and farewell show of Jagunda – my band. We were a tad bit too loud so the audio is horrible. But it didn't have to be. You can manually adjust the sound level on a DV camera. My excuse...this was the second show I filmed using my newly purchased camera so I still didn't know how to operate it. Not sure what Pat's excuse was?

Jagunda - "Me & My Ego"

As if the show wasn't plagued with enough technical difficulties... Kevin broke a bass string after the first chorus of "Chill Out". Seriously?! When does that ever happen?!! Bass strings never break!!! Joe quickly compensated and vocally sang Kevin's bass line and we all stumbled back in. What a mess. (Daveman, Eric Hoffman and Jon Weinstein also add some commentary on this one)...

Jagunda - "Chill Out"

We initially billed Whatsoever to play the show but they were pretty much broken up at that point so Clubbin' Eddie stepped in. Scott Buscavage and Steve Johnson from Whatsoever were also in Clubbin' Eddie so it was pretty much the same thing. On bass is Bellmor-ite Paulie V (Vacca?) on bass and vocalist/guitarist Willy (?) from Wantaugh.

Clubbin' Eddie - "Opportunities"

Clubbin' Eddie - "Clubbin' Eddie"

Then Jon Weinstein bum rushed the stage for a surprise impromptu Bionic Liver performance...

Bionic Liver - "Young Girls"

Then Earl Pickens and the Black Mountain Marauders took the stage. For this gig Earl decided to bring only the Bellmore section of his band – rightfully so. This was the first time much of the audience had witnessed Earl's show and he definitely won them over.

Earl Pickens - "I'm On Fire" (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Earl Pickens - "Wondering Where You Are"

I'm including this next song not because it's a great performance but for it's historic significance. "Lonely Song" was written by Joe Kollar back in The Intellectuals days – which was also Earl's...I mean Billy's first band.

Earl Pickens - "Lonely Song"

Earl Pickens - "Midnight/High Noon"

Earl Pickens - "We're An American Band" (Grand Funk Railroad cover)

Earl Pickens is a tough act to follow. Only a complete 180˚ act could compete. Luckily, Eggplant Queens is a complete 180˚. Mike Walch, Daveman and Steve Johnson provide a little commentary before this next one...

Eggplant Queens - "Rock Out"

Eggplant Queens - "Old Man Joe"

Eggplant Queens - "Don't Do That"

Eggplant Queens - "Drugs"

Eggplant Queens - "Rotting Decay"

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