Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum & The Hot Rod Tattoo Convention (2001)

Before the annual Hot Rod Tattoo Convention, Clayton Patterson (artist, photographer, videographer, activist), curates an art show dedicated to tattoo artists. Here, at The Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum, the artists get to show off more than just their tattoo work. Ron Bianco was one of the artists showcased.

Then it's off to The Hot Rod Tattoo Convention. Check out the cars, tattoos and artwork – with an emphasis on Bellmore's Lone Wolf Tattoo. Also, the band playing inside the Tattoo Convention is Slick Pelt. The lead singer is Manny Berlingo. He's the guy that Jim and I originally tried to get to edit Bellmore: The Unscene (which I wrote about here).

Jim Collette, Matt Bianco and Tammie (Cohen) Bianco also make appearances in the video.

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