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Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders - Live At The Houston Astrodome (2002)

Ladies and gentlemen! Mr. Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders!! Live At The Houston Astrodome!!! Well…more like the Rodeo Bar in NYC…with an album cover photo from Lakeside Lounge. On December 29, 2001, Earl and the Marauders recorded a live performance for an official CD release. EPATBMM have always been a powerful live band and Rodeo was their main stomping ground so it all sort of made sense and came about.

Below is a handful of the songs they recorded that night. And once again, Joe Kollar donned his best Elvis costume to introduce the band...

"Tell Your Mama Not To Worry"

"New York Woman"

I had the pleasure of hanging out with the band (sans Dave) for a few hours at Vu Du Studio as they mixed "Midnight, High Noon". Much like KISS Alive!, Earl and the boys "enhanced" the recordings on Live At The Houston Astrodome by fixing a few vocals, guitar solos, bass lines, etc. See for yourself the creative process as the band wrestles a song into submission.

"Midnight, High Noon" (in the studio)

This next song didn't make the cut on Live At The Houston Astrodome, but I like it so I'm adding it (so the sound quality isn't up to par as the rest). "Mucho Grande" was always a crowd pleaser but I can understand why the band decided to leave it off the album. But it's a lot of fun none the less.

"Mucho Grande"

"If I Could Sing Like That"

"She Kicked Me Out"

"Wondering Where You Are"

"Say It In English"

Next is the ending to "I Saw The Light", which also didn't make the cut, but it shows Jelvis getting in on the act so I had to add it. Plus, after the song, Earl bestows upon yours truly a certificate making me an honorary Marauder! Thanks Earl.

"I Saw The Light" (ending) / Honorary Marauder

And here's Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders Live At The Houston Astrodome. Included are two bonus tracks not found on the original CD ("Lonesome Whistle" gets cut off at 3:51 because the tape ran out)…

[DOWNLOAD] Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders - Live At The Houston Astrodome (2002)
01- Tell Your Mama Not To Worry
02- New York Woman
03- I'm On Fire
04- Midnight, High Noon
05- If I Could Sing Like That
06- It Takes A Man
07- She Kicked Me Out
08- Band Intros - I'm Not Tired (I'm So Tired)
10- (They Were Just) The Opening Band
11- Wondering Where You Are
12- Say It In English
13- Up To No Good (bonus track)
14- Lonesome Whistle (bonus track)


Earl Pickens - vocals, guitar
Merle Twang - lead guitar
Reverend Jedidiah P. Houston - guitar, backup vocals
Tink Travers - banjo, harmonica, backup vocals
Chief Dave Strongbow - bass
Joe Horseman - drums

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