Monday, August 2, 2010

Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders @ Fez, NYC (2/8/02)

Tink was still on baby leave so he wasn't at this show either. Earl and the Marauders didn't play Fez all that often and thankfully so. That place packed people in like sardines. Every seat was butt up to the next without any elbow room whatsoever. Can you tell I hated that place?

Anyway, for this show I asked the sound guy if I could patch my camera into the soundboard. He pleasantly obliged. But what I didn't take into account was that there'd be no ambient room tone – what you get with an external mic. So I was at the mercy of the sound guys mix, which wasn't great. It's not horrible but some instruments were mixed louder than others – Jess' guitar was too low.

While the rest of the band set up, Earl entertained the waiting crowd with a few :20 second songs...

"Shittin' On Company Time"

"Too Much Information"

"If I Had A Dog"

Then it was Marauder time...

"Mucho Grande"/"New York Woman"

"She Kicked Me Out"

"Moon, You Know Why"

Earl Pickens - vocals, guitar
Merle Twang - lead guitar
Reverend Jedidiah P. Houston - guitar, backup vocals
Chief Dave Strongbow - bass
Joe Horseman - drums

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