Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eggplant Queens - St. Patrick's Day Tour (3/17/02)

On St. Patrick's Day of 2002, Eggplant Queens played two shows opening for Murhpy's Law. The first was at Continental in NYC and the second was at Connections in Passaic, NJ. Scott Jacobs wasn't at the first show so it's a single camera shoot. But I did mix in the soundboard recording with the audio from my camera, so the sound is pretty good.

"One Way Street"

"Mud Muscle"

"Rock Out"


The video I have of Murphy's Law isn't very good so here's a screen grab...

Here's the soundboard mix of the show...

[DOWNLOAD] Eggplant Queens @ Continental (3/17/02)
01- One Way Street
02- Mud Muscle
03- Rock Out
04- Free
05- Drugs
06- >chatter<
07- Patty
08- >chatter<
09- Old Man Joe
10- Shame
11- Ass Rape Song
12- Rotting Decay

Then it was off to Passaic, New Jersey for the second show of the night. Scott was at this one so it's a two camera edit. The first video starts with a little commentary from Huevos Rancheros...


"Don't Do That"

"Rotting Decay"

This next one ends with a recap of the "tour" with Scramberg...

"Kill, Kill, Kill"

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