Friday, November 5, 2010

Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders @ Sidewalk Cafe (4/13/02)

For their 2nd year anniversary being a band, Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders threw themselves a birthday bash at Sidewalk Cafe – the place where it all began.

"(They Were Just) The Opening Band" (with an introduction by Jelvis)

"It Takes A Man"

"Say It In English"

The ending of this next one is pretty powerful...


"Midnight, High Noon" (with special guest Jelvis on guitar)

Johnny Styne & Jelvis' Birthday Shout Out

A Word From The Reverend

Earl Pickens, Joe Horseman and Tink Travers: Reminiscin' and Ramblin'

"Horseman's Yellow Cab Blues"

Earl Pickens - vocals, guitar
Merle Twang - lead guitar
Reverend Jedidiah P. Houston - acoustic guitar, backup vocals
Tink Travers - Harmonica, backup vocals
Chief Dave Strongbow - bass
Joe Horseman - drums
with special guest

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