Monday, November 14, 2011

"Bellmore: The Unscene" Premiere @ The Bellmore Playhouse (10/23/03)

After two and a half years of production it was finally time to unleash Bellmore: The Unscene to the unsuspecting public. Matt Bianco's girlfriend, Priscilla, was a manager at The Bellmore Playhouse and arranged for us to hold our premiere screening on October 23rd, 2003. We had two showings: 8pm was a private screening for people in the movie and close friends and family, 10pm was open to the general public.

Here's some photos from the night...

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this movie happen. It was a blast.

(I couldn't tag everyone involved because Blogger has a 200 character limit. But you know who you are.)

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