Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eggplant Queens @ Arlene's Grocery, NYC (6/19/04)

This show was great but it was plagued from the beginning. It started with Scott Jacobs accidentally sitting on Michael McCarthy's (Eggklair) guitar, snapping the neck. (That's when I got the call to bring my guitar.) Then instead of going on at their slotted midnight spot the Eggplant Queens got pushed to sometime after 2am. This drove Matt (Yo-Yo-Yolk) bonkers and he got angrier and angrier (a.k.a intoxicated) as the performance went on.

 Scott's Mishap & "Shame"

Not only did Sunnyside do his famous suicide dive during "Shame" (at 3:07), he also did it again – off the stage – during "Suicide Dive" (at 2:43)…

"Suicide Dive"

Scott Jacobs goes for a wild ride during "Patty" (at 1:23)...

"Patty" & "Drugs"

By now Matt was off the deep end and gets into an altercation with Jimbo...

"Bull Skank"

The Eggplant Queens closed the show with "Rock Out". I started cutting it together but it became too painful to finish. It wasn't Matt's finest hour to say the least.

They haven't played Arlene's Grocery since.

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