Monday, May 14, 2012

Kansas International Film Festival (9/13/04)

When we got word that Bellmore: The Unscene was accepted into the Kansas International Film Festival, Jim (Bellmore producer) suggested we take a trip out there. I thought he was nuts, but he wanted to use the trip as an excuse to shoot a short film he was cooking up – based on a zine called Dishwasher Pete. Kansas would be a nice backdrop to his film. He even had a small crew waiting to go. So I figured, if anything, it'll be a nice trip for my wife and I.

Being the makers of a film in the festival we got VIP treatment. So Kim and I took in a bunch of the films for free – nothing worth writing about – and we enjoyed the special cocktail gathering for the film makers. Jim, on the other hand, spent his time shooting The Dishwasher. I barely saw him the whole trip.

We had a decent turnout for the screening of Bellmore: The Unscene. Afterwards, Jim and I took part in a Q & A session with the audience. The people of Kansas really connected with the movie – probably the small town scene aspect – and they treated me like a real director. I had kids coming up to me asking how to go about making a documentary and stuff like that. It felt good but weird.

Bellmore: The Unscene
wound up winning "Best Documentary" (well, actually, we tied with a film called Mojados). I honestly was not expecting that! It's funny how you can be turned down from some festivals and wind up winning at others. One man's junk is another man's treasure I guess.

A month later I got my award and a congratulatory letter in the mail. Thanks Kansas International Film Festival!

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