Friday, October 12, 2012

Billy Kelly - Thank You for Joining the Happy Club (2009)

Today's post marks a dramatic shift in musical style for this blog. What started out as punk/hardcore is now morphing into the children's music category, the polar opposite end of the spectrum. But that's to be expected from Billy Kelly. He may have been in The Intellectuals but he's the only one from Bellmore's Unscene that never got into punk. Billy, a.k.a. Earl Pickens, has been playing country music since 2000, writing funny and whimsical songs, so children's music is not that far of a stretch.

Thank You for Joining the Happy Club is Billy's highly acclaimed debut, featuring 9 original songs and 1 Talking Heads cover. The album landed on several "Best Kids Music of 2009" lists and won the hearts of many people who really like milk. In fact, the song "People Really Like Milk" went to #1 on the SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio kids music channel, Kids Place Live during the summer of '09 (more about that song in a future post).

Here's a video Billy wrote, directed, illustrated, animated and produced for his song, "Springtime: It's My Favorite"...

If you have a kid, or know a kid, I recommend you introduce them to Billy Kelly. My kids love him. You can find Thank You for Joining the Happy Club at iTunes or amazon. And check out Billy's website…

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