Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Billy Kelly - "I Can’t Get Away From Myself" music video (2010)

When Billy Kelly released his children’s CD, Thank You For Joining The Happy Club, someone commented on a Facebook post that he should make a video for the song "S-N-O-W-M-A-N (Snowman!)". Billy responded that he'd get his friend Frank (me!) on it right away. Of course he was joking...or half joking. But it got me thinking of actually shooting a video for him. I didn't know what to do for "S-N-O-W-M-A-N" but I thought I could have fun with the song “I Can’t Get Away From Myself”.

The lyrics are basically about wherever Billy goes, there he is – he can't get away from himself. I figured with the knowledge I learned about split screens shooting the "Earl vs. Billy" segments for Bellmore: The Unscene, I can literally show Billy being followed by Billy, everywhere he goes. We shot some silly scenarios, did a little green screening, Billy added some animation, and we pieced it together.

(Billy with body double Bruce W. Derr and me directing.)

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