Thursday, November 29, 2012

Billy Kelly - "Me and My Brand New Haircut" - teaser video (2010)

Yesterday I mentioned Billy Kelly recorded a duet with Davy Jones of The Monkees. How'd that happen? Well Davy and Billy live near each other in PA and they both have a mutual musician friend. Through the friend, Billy wrote Davy a letter telling him what a big fan he was of his music, and if he'd like to sing a duet with him on his new CD (yesterday's post). Davy said yes!

A few weeks later they were in the studio together recording "Me and My Brand New Haircut". During their session Billy floated the idea of shooting a music video and Davy was receptive. When I heard this I quickly came up with a video concept and pitched it to Billy, with the caveat that he was, of course, not obligated to use me as his director. His response... "Too late, man. I already chose a director. His name is Frank Fusco and he is 100% obligated to do this." A real honor for a huge Monkees fan, which I am.

Before the big day of the video shoot I had an idea for a teaser video for "Me and My Brand New Haircut" – a video about the video. One of my favorite Brady Bunch episodes was when Davy Jones guest starred. I figured with a little green screening and some prop building I could easily replace Marcia Brady with Billy Kelly and create a little origin story for the song. Billy liked the idea so I sent him a still shot of the recording studio in the Brady Bunch episode and said..."Build this". And he did!

When Davy arrived at Billy's house on the day of the shoot we sprung the teaser idea on him. He was game so we quickly shot his bit before heading to our barber shop location for "Me and My Brand New Haircut" (which I'll post tomorrow).

Here's a little something a website called Zooglobble wrote about the teaser...

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