Monday, November 26, 2012

Eggplant Queens @ Cha Cha's • Coney Island (8/13/10)

The Queens rock QueensConey Island to be exact. It was a festive crowd at Cha Cha's. In fact, one audience member loved the band so much he appointed himself the Eggplant Queens personal stage dancer (check "Cop").

One other thing to note: Eggplant Queens drummer, Scramberg (Mike Stamberg), was off drumming with his new gig – CJ Ramone – so Jim Collette (Justified Violence, ‪Zombula 451˚‬, Agnostic Front) sat in on drums.

Here's a few songs…


"Santa Monica"

"Bull Skank"

"Waffle House"



After the show a few "Unscensters" rode the Cyclone (as seen in "Cop" above and photos below)…

Steve Zielinski showed up late after fixing a flat on the Belt Parkway.

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