Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Earl Pickens - "The World Turned Inside Out" (2/15/12)

Earl Pickens gets political on y'all...

"End hydrofracking now! Raise your voice at ‪‬ and ‪‬. "The World Turned Upside Down" is an amazing song written by Leon Rosselson, and famously covered by Billy Bragg. You should buy it. Leon Rosselson has given his kind permission for me to add my new lyrics to his song. Again, let's end insane fracking now, together!


Here's the lyrics. The last verse is from the original song:

In Pennsylvania's green rolling hills,

the peaceful so-called public forest falls to hydrofracking drills.

The trees come crashing down, the wells grows tall

as if to say this land's not our land after all.

Meanwhile in Harrisburg, behind closed doors,

gas comp'ny lobbyists show congress how to write the fracking laws

to make sure people's rights do not impede

in any way the flow of politics and greed.

Through legal bribery, they buy the votes

to guarantee their legislation gets rammed down the people's throats.

And while our commonwealth goes up for sale,

there's a clusterfrack in the Marcellus shale.

Down go the chemicals, up comes the gas.

Up goes another politician's empty head into his ass.

Down come the regulations, meant to protect.

Here come exactly the results you would expect.

Eleven earthquakes, Youngstown last year.

It doesn't take a fracking scientist to spot a bad idea.

Their propaganda calls fracking "safe".

The BP oil spill reminds us what's at stake.

From the Gulf of Mexico, to Prince William Sound,

we've seen the consequences when the ship of fools has run aground.

And if you don't believe we'll have our turn,

might I remind you that tonight Centralia burns.

So make your choice now, and do think twice

but please remember Pennsylvania isn't ours to sacrifice

to corporate profits, and short-term gain

at the expense of those unborn and yet unnamed. 

I choose clean energy, I choose clean air

I choose a future for my children and a government that's fair.

I choose the common good for our commonwealth.

I choose the gas companies can go and frack themselves.

Let us take courage, let them take care.

This Earth was made a common treasury for everyone to share,

all things in common, all people one.

now let's take back our government and shut them down.

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