Friday, October 21, 2016

Andy "Flav" Glasser Memorial Show @ Amityville Music Hall (9/24/16)

I wish I could have been at this show but I had bought tickets for my family to see Weird Al Yankovic on the same night seven months prior. But judging by the photos on Facebook it looks like it was a fun night, considering the circumstances. 

Back in March, Andy "Flav" Glasser, drummer of Not Saved and Splinterface, passed away suddenly. This night of music was to pay tribute to Andy and his love of music and the proceeds went to fund a headstone. I believe every band that performed that night Andy had played drums with at some point.

Not Saved reformed for one last time, with Cliff Ferdon (Action Adventure Systems, Wormsmeat) taking Andy’s place on the drums. Here’s a bunch of photos I grabbed from Facebook

At some point Not Saved and Splinterface teamed up. Here they are playing "My Ugly Self”, which I ripped from Facebook

Here’s some more photos…

R.I.P. Andy

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