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The Intellectuals (1984-1988)

The Intellectuals Part 1...

In Part 1 The Intellectuals talk about how they formed...their very first show at Newbridge Road school rec night, with Dave S as their "manager"...the firing of Jim...continuing with Kevin as the new singer...and a performance of "Surfin' Bird" at La Serayña.

The Intellectuals (mach 1)
Jim Burns - vocals
Joe Kollar - guitar
Kevin Purcell - tambourine, organ?
Art Licata - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

The Intellectuals (mach 2/the classic line-up)
Kevin Purcell - vocals
Joe Kollar - guitar
Art Licata - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

The Intellectuals became somewhat of a house band at La Serayña in the mid to late 80's. Here's a performance from 1986...

[DOWNLOAD] The Intellectuals - Live at La Serayña '86

01- Get The Fuck Away From Me (guest: Dave S)
02- Let's Dance
03- Wipe Out
04- Twist And Shout
05- Green Acres
06- Please Don't Pee On The Seat
07- Precious (guest: Laura Bayliss)
08- Surfin' Bird
09- That's What I Like About You
10- Johnny B. Goode
11- Time Has Come Today
12- Too Loud Baby
13- (Improv Jam)
14- Substitute
15- Blitzkrieg Bop
16- Born To Be Wild

At this time The Intellectuals were still basically covering 60's rock bands with the exception of a couple originals in this performance ("Please Don't Pee On The Seat" and "Too Loud Baby"). It sounds as if Joe had busted a string during "Too Loud Baby" but Art's bass is fat...my favorite Intellectuals song.

The Intellectuals Part 2...

In Part 2 The Intellectuals talk about Art Licata's departure...Dave S's arrival on bass...Joe's anger management...Billy Kelly's quick arrival to compensate for Dave's lack of bass skills...an excerpt of "No Rules"...Kevin's departure...Joe's signing...and a show with The Elite in NYC at the R and R.

The Intellectuals (mach 3)
Kevin Purcell - vocals
Joe Kollar - guitar
Billy Kelly - guitar
Dave S - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

The Intellectuals (mach 4)
Joe Kollar - vocals, guitar
Billy Kelly - guitar
Dave S - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

The Intellectuals show at the R and R with The Elite (not sure why The Intellectuals got top billing on the flyer) was audio/video taped for a public access show – I'm one of the Mystery Science Theater 3000-like silhouettes in the audience. By now The Intellectuals are playing a lot more original songs and Joe is singing.But public access means amateur incompetence so about half the songs The Intellectuals played are unlistenable due to a poor mix. Here's the 10 songs with a descent mix (vocals are a little hot) from that show...

[DOWNLOAD] The Intellectuals - R and R (2/3/88)

01- Not Worth It
02- My War
03- Can't Explain
04- Blood Lines
05- Freakin' Fanatics
06- Speeding Car
07- No Rules
08- Lonely Song
09- Slow Down
10- I Want To Be An I.N.T.

The R and R show was pretty much the end of The Intellectuals. But they did reform in various line-ups for reunion shows here and there...which I'll get to at a later date.

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