Monday, December 29, 2008

The Elite (1987-1990...or '91?)

When Justified Violence broke up, the band split in half. Bobby S and Jim Collette (when he wasn't playing with Agnostic Front) formed The Elite, while Ron Bianco and Pete Casano formed Twisted Cross. Along the way a life was lost...line-ups changed...and a little jail time.

Here's the complete story...

Dan Miellie - vocals ('87)
Mike Dietz - vocals ('87-'91)
Bobby S - guitar
Ed Calibrito - bass ('87)
Dave Deluca - bass ('87-'89)
Joe Kollar - bass ('89-'91)
Jim Collette - drums


Ron Bianco - vocals
Scott Reid - guitar
Pete Casano - bass
Mike Dietz - drums

Looking back, there's a few things I would've done differently to Bellmore: The Unscene. One is including The Elite and Dan Miellie story (it's part of the DVD extras). I was at The Elite/Intellectuals show at La Serayña in 1987. It was the first time the older generation (older by about 4 years) played with the younger generation (my peers)...when you're in you're mid-teens, four years is a big difference. If anything, it showed us that we had a long way to go at being good musicians – The Elite were tight.

Here's The Elite's "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" recorded with Dan Miellie on 8/24/87...

[DOWNLOAD] The Elite - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Dan Miellie '87)

And here's The Elite demo Represent from 1989...

[DOWNLOAD] The Elite - Represent

1. Represent
2. Price You Pay
3. Depression
4. The World Is Mine
5. Each Against All
6. Troops Of Today
7. The New Way
8. Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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Joe Kollar said...

The Elite were tight, no doubt. You can come out and say it though, The INTs weren't good musicians at all. Hell, I still stink. As much as I love the INTs and had a ton of fun, I can admit it: we stank out loud.