Sunday, December 28, 2008

Justified Violence (1983-1985)

Justified Violence was the first of the Bellmore punk/hardcore bands – at least in the circle of friends I documented.

Ron Bianco - vocals
Bobby S - guitar
Pete Casano - bass
Jim Collette - drums

In the video above, 3/4 of Justified Violence reminisce about how the band started...the NYC hardcore scene...Jim Collette joining Agnostic Front...and their very last (and ill-fated) show at CBGB's.

Below is a tape of Justified Violence. I don't know any information about when or where it was recorded but to me it sounds like two separate occasions. I also don't know the titles of two songs. If anybody has any more info please shoot me a comment.

[DOWNLOAD] Justified Violence
01. ?
02. USA Rules
03. The New Way
04. I Killed Ghandi
05. Depression
06. Price You Pay
07. ?
08. End Of The World
09. USA Rules
10. The New Way
11. Justified Violence
12. Price You Pay


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Blast from the past! I remember these guys from the L.I. contingency.

Dave B. - Crumbsuckers 82-85