Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Intellectuals - more tapes

Before I move on to other bands, I've got some extra Intellectual tapes I haven't shared yet. The first one up was recorded at Ultraphonic in 1987 with the Bill and Dave line-up (around the time of the football photo above). The vocals on the first song are way too loud but the guys fixed it for the rest of the jam. The best thing about this recording is the version of "No Rules". Here's what Joe has to say about it...

"It was just a regular practice but the stars all aligned and we got a decent sounding version of "No Rules" out of it. The only real flub in it is Hoff's miserable second fill during the breakdown in the middle. It's at best anti-climatic for a drum fill. Bill plays the little lead riffs on NR and I played the rhythm on that particular one. That was kind of unusual because it was mostly the other way around for most songs. Back then Bill was still learning guitar so it was probably in the brief 3 weeks or so when I was better than him. He took on more lead stuff as the band went on. I think this one makes me particularly happy because it's one of the few times that having 2 guitars in the INTs really worked because I wrote this and "Bloodlines" to have 2 guitar parts."

[DOWNLOAD] The Intellectuals - Ultraphonic Studio '87
01- We're The Intellectuals
02- Can't Explain
03- Bloodlines
04- No Rules
05- Cheated
06- Too Loud Baby
07- Not Worth It
08- Wild Thing
09- I Want To Hold Your Hand
10- Helter Skelter
11- (Joe Yelling At Dave)
12- Stepping Stone

The next tape was recorded at Flipside Studio, also in 1987 with the Bill/Dave line-up. My guess is that it's pretty early in '87 because I played "Stoked" at this jam and my guitar solo is horrible...more so than I must've only been playing guitar for a short time.

[DOWNLOAD] The Intellectuals - Flipside Studio '87
01- Speeding Car
02- Cheated
03- Get The Fuck Away From Me
04- Too Loud Baby
05- Johnny B. Goode
06- Stoked (guest: Frank Fusco)
07- Stepping Stone
08- Flicksville Blues

There is another recording out there – The Intellectuals 6 Million Intellectual Über Alles (1984) – which is actually the first Intellectual tape ever. It was recorded when none of The Intellectuals knew how to play their instruments...not well at least. And it's the only recording with original singer Jim Burns. When I first published this post I had added a link to it for historic reasons, but I disabled it by request. I guess it's a little embarrassing to the parties involved. Just for the one ever downloaded it. I am, however, keeping the tape sleeve artwork here because it's just too cool and it was created by future INT Billy Kelly.

And here's a cool photo of three of the original Intellectuals...

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