Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Michael Haverty Scholarship Dance (1988)

In 11th grade my lunch period was at an odd hour – late in the day. Luckily I had two friends, Tom O'Neil and Michael Haverty, with the same messed up schedule. Everyday we'd go to Cono's for pizza so thin you could see through it. Then one night, after a party, Michael attempted to cross the Southern State Parkway. From then on it was just Tom and I at Cono's.

To honor Michael, a scholarship fund and dance was organized by our teacher, Mr. Rice, at Mepham high school. The dance was held in the gymnasium and The Intellectuals provided the music. This was after Kevin left the band and Joe was singing...although the footage I have here is a couple of Beatles tunes – "I Wanna Hold You Your Hand" and "Please, Please Me" – with Billy Kelly singing.


Joe Kollar said...

This version of Please Please Me is far superior to the Beatles.

Cory Brown said...

Mike and I became friends in elementary school while we both attended the Alpha program. We went to different schools, but we had a lot of the same interests and still saw a bunch of each other until I moved in 8th grade. With the wonders of Facebook, I've tried to find him a few times and only today saw him tagged in a photo with an RIP. It happened so long ago, but he was a good friend and I'm just so sorry to hear about his death. Do you guys know what became of family?