Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Joe Kollar Influence

The Intellectuals show at Newbridge Road school in '84 was similar to that famous Sex Pistols show where most people in the audience went on to form bands of their own. At least that's how I got my start. After seeing them I figured, "I could do that" and bought my first guitar the following week.

I knew Joe from shop class and he offered his guitar teaching services. So I went to his house one day after school. When I arrived, Billy Kelly was on his way out with his guitar he'd just acquired. Joe taught me "Purple Haze", plus he showed me a song he wrote called "Stoked". I later performed it with The Intellectuals at La Serayña. Actually, the only times they'd play "Stoked" was with me...probably because Joe played bass on the song and needed a guitarist.

But that's just my story. Here's some other members of the Bellmore music scene (including a recap of me and my story) commenting on Joe Kollar's influence in the early days...

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