Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Intellectuals - La Serayña 5/22/87

Speaking of The Intellectuals' "Stoked" in my last's an INT's show at La Serayña in '87. This show was a transitional show for The Intellectuals. Art Licata had just quit the band so this was Dave S's first show as an INT. Dave plays on the first six songs then Joe takes over bass duty and invites Billy Kelly on stage for a few songs, announcing that Billy will be joining The Intellectuals as a fifth member. But Artie could never truly leave the band...he plays bass from tracks 12 to 31.

[DOWNLOAD] The Intellectuals - La Serayña 5/22/87

01- Speeding Car
02- Stepping Stone
03- Wild Thing
04- My War
05- Not Worth It
06- Cheated
07- Flicksville Blues (guests: Billy & Doug Kelly)
08- Get The Fuck Away From Me (guests: Dave S & Billy Kelly)
09- Come Together (guest: Billy Kelly)
10- Stoked (guest: Frank Fusco)
11- Teenage Lobotomy (guest: Frank Fusco)
12- We're The Intellectuals
13- Time Has Come Today
14- Fire
15- Lonely Song
16- Green Acres
17- Purple Haze (cut)
18- Let's Dance
19- Paranoid
20- Johnny B. Goode
21- I Want To Hold Your Hand
22- Surfin' Bird
23- Precious (guest: Laura Bayliss)
24- Please Don't Pee On The Seat
25- Should I Stay Or Should I Go
26- 99 Red Munsters
27- That's What I Like About You
28- Too Loud Baby
29- Born To Be Wild
30- Wipe Out
31- Blitzkrieg Bop

Here's some more photos from the show...

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