Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mepham High School Talent Show 1988

The Mepham High School Talent Show...May 20th of 1988...was significant in that it found a few Bellmore bands in transition. The Intellectuals had just broken up so we've got Billy Kelly, Dave S and Eric Hoffman doing their own thing, billed as The Unexpected (before changing their name to The Paisley Scarabs). Then we have Smokin' Joe Kollar – sans band – playing a solo rendition of The Animals' "House Of The Rising Sun". Then there was Majestic, the band Art Licata left The Intellectuals to go play for – they sounded exactly like Journey. And finally, there was the debut of my band, Tension (before we changed our name to Barking Spiders), which also happened to be Kevin Purcell's first band after The Intellectuals.

I'd heard rumors that the guys from Majestic video taped the entire talent show. When I was making Bellmore: The Unscene I tried to track it/them down but had no luck. If anyone out there knows of...or has...a videotape out there please leave me a comment. The only document of this show I do have is a few Tension and Unexpected photos. Unfortunately, I don't have a shot of Smokin' Joe. His performance was one of the most surreal things I have ever seen.

Here's some photos of The Unexpected (a.k.a. The Paisley Scarabs: Billy Kelly, Dave S, Eric Hoffman)...

And here's some photos of Tension (a.k.a. Barking Spiders: Jim Burns, Frank Fusco, Kevin Purcell, John Hoffman)...
Yes, Jim's wearing a bra in the above shot. It was thrown on stage by a female fan. Jim put it on during the performance and later got reprimanded by a teacher. That's punk.

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