Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Paisley Scarabs (1988)

When The Intellectuals broke up, Billy Kelly, Eric Hoffman and Dave S (not sure who the bagpipe player pictured above is, but he wasn't in the band) formed a new band...The Paisely Scarabs. They were one of the many short-lived Bellmore bands so there's not much to say about them. I only remember two of their songs: "How I Feel" and the instrumental "Ready, Set, Stop". In my opinion they sounded like a cross between The Beatles and The Talking Heads.

There are no known recordings of the trio but there is a tape from 1990 (two years after they broke up) of Billy and Eric jamming under the name Paisley Scarabs. I could be wrong but I think Eric's playing the bass on the first song? And years later, Billy will go on to record "All About Each Other", as his alter-ego Earl Pickens, on the EP When Earl Was 17 It Was A Very Good Year.

[DOWNLOAD] The Paisley Scarabs - Please Don't Sing (1990)
01- You Don't Ever Have To Be Alone
02- All About Each Other
03- Put Your Head On My Shoulder
04- How I Feel (cut)

And here's The Paisley Scarabs performing "How I Feel" during The Intellectuals reunion show at the Dry Rock Cafe in 1989.


Joe said...

I still don't know how Bill got Dave to play a song correctly.

Billy Kelly said...

Watching that video it's easy to see why we named our cassette "Please Don't Sing". Ouch.