Monday, June 1, 2009

The Lovely Basement

In my last post, I shared a video of an impromptu Intellectuals reunion with Joe, Dave and Hoff in The Lovely Basement. Above is a photo of another impromptu Intellectuals reunion, this time with the original bassist Art Licata, and Kevin Purcell on vocals. The Lovely Basement was a place where spontaneous jams would suddenly break out. Like below...

[DOWNLOAD] Joe/Frank/Kev/Hoff - Kiss Zeppelin In The Lovely Basement (1989)
1- Deuce
2- Whole Lotta Love

Joe Kollar - vocals, guitar
Frank Fusco - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

Funny...I don't remember Robert Plant yelling "cornhole" during "Whole Lotta Love".

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