Monday, June 15, 2009

Mepham High School Talent Show 1989

Here's another Mepham High School Talent Show (click here for 1988's). This time it was videotaped by two people so I was able to edit the footage together – our first two-camera shoot. The highlight of the show for me was The Intellectuals reunion...with the classic line-up! Barking Spiders also played a couple of songs (which turned out to be our last live appearance before we broke up), and Jim Burns and Billy Kelly performed an acoustic Led Zeppelin song.

Here's some videos and photos...

The Intellectuals - "Paranoid", Bloodlines", "Green Acres"

Barking Spiders - "Presidents & Kings", "One World"

Jim Burns and Billy Kelly - "Over The Hills And Far Way"

Of course we all lost because our type of music doesn't win talent shows. But this time we lost out to ourselves. Some of us musicians, along with some other friends, dressed up as the Village People (we had to add characters because there were too many of us) and lip-synced "Macho Man" to some crudely choreographed dance moves. We took first place. Our girl friends...meaning friends that are girls...also lip-synced their way to second place as Aretha Franklin & The Hot Mamas. We pooled our winnings together and had a keg party at Christina Belmonte's house.

Here's some more videos and photos...

Village People - "Macho Man"

(I originally uploaded this video to YouTube but the Village People's people complained over copyright infringement. As if we were really a threat to their integrity.)
Hot Mamas - "Respect"

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