Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Intellectuals Reunion @ Dry Rock Cafe 8/89

We'd just graduated from high school and we were all going off to college so The Intellectuals decided to reform for one last blast. The reunion show was at the Dry Rock Cafe (prior owners of La Serayña) in August of 1989.

The show started with the latter line-up of The Intellectuals with Billy and Dave...

The Intellectuals
- "Speeding Car"

The Intellectuals - "Cheated"

The Intellectuals - "No Rules"

Then in typical Intellectuals shows they opened the stage floor for various special guests. First up was 3/5's of The Intellectuals...better known as The Paisley Scarabs...

The Paisley Scarabs - "How I Feel"

Then Steve Zielinski was called up to sing "Hollandaise Sauce", from Nude and Dismembered. The duo of Joe and Steve were known as Meringue...

Meringue - "Hollandaise Sauce"

And the Russo brothers' Bloodshot were in the house...

Bloodshot - "Live Or Die"

Then I took the stage for a couple of songs...

Joe/Frank/Kev/Hoff - "Deuce"

Joe/Frank/Kev/Hoff - "Whole Lotta Love"

Then the classic Intellectuals line-up with Art Licata took the stage to wrap things up...but first with special guest Jess Hoeffner...

The Intellectuals
- "Paranoid" (with special guest Jess Hoeffner)

The Intellectuals - "Bloodlines"

The Intellectuals - "Too Loud Baby"

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