Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joyful Abundance (1990 - 1992)

Being an industrial band made Joyful Abundance the most unique...when it comes to Bellmore bands. They started as a trio with Steve Zielinski, George Rodriguez and Glendon Gordon, all on synthesizers and samplers and whatever else goes into industrial music. Eric Hoffman later joined the band on drum pad triggers.

The only time I saw them live was at The Limelight in NYC (made famous in '96 when club party promoter Michael Alig killed and dismembered Angel Melendez, a resident drug dealer at the club – later to be made into a movie starring Macaulay Culkin). The show was billed under the theme "Communion" and the MC was an MTV VJ named Dave Kendall. Joyful Abundance came out with two "dancers" dressed as A Clockwork Orange droogs and I remember Steve wearing some kind of a metal mesh contraption on his head with his hair sticking straight up like a member of new wave band Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Other than that I don't remember much...a lot of the songs sounded the same.

The guys from Joyful Abundance were very bad at documenting their band so all I've got to share of their music is this lo-fi tape...

[DOWNLOAD] Joyful Abundance
01- Sexual Murder
02- Child's Joy
03- Living Machine

Find the man! Rip the earth! Find the man! Sexual murder!


Anonymous said...

I was at that Limelight show too.

dean mastrantoni said...

I did some synth work for them that was lots of fun...I recall tinkering on keys in their studio & Zielinski was very supportive...he encouragement enabled me to focus on piano as a writing tool...miss Geo & Steve, Glenn was not so kind to me though, we never had a problem per say yet he & I definitely had an unspoken tension between us.

dean mastrantoni said...

Luv dat vintage Ministry t-shirt Zielinski's wearing!

Anonymous said...

You spelled Glenn incorrectly, it's Glen.