Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Chip (1990)

Back in high school, Steve Zielinski once showed me a short story he had written with Billy Kelly during photography class (although Billy has no recollection of ever writing this story). It actually wasn't a short was more like an outline written on one of those brown paper towels you find in schools. It was a surreal story about a young man named Chip Chiquita who had a fascination with banana sandwiches. A year later, during my freshman year of college, I got the jones to make another short film. I remembered Steve and Billy's story and used it as a foundation to build upon.

What would make A Day In The Life Of Chip unique compared to past Bubjunior productions; A Barking Spider Christmas (1988) and Nude and Dismembered (1989), is that this would be the first time we'd actually be able to edit – that means multiple takes and shooting out of sequence! A friend of mine from SVA had contacts with his old school which had a video editing system, so he offered his/it's services.

I asked Steve to play the lead role of Chip Chiquita and I put the word out that I needed some more actors...whoever wanted to help. John Hoffman, Bob Socci and Vic Montalvo answered the call. Andy Christou was my roommate so he was also in. Kevin Purcell went away to college, otherwise I'm sure he would've been involved. I'm not sure why Joe Kollar wasn't a part of it? Though, soon afterwards, he'd be making short films under the Bubjunior Productions moniker as well.

Here's the short...including some bloopers during the end credits...

The end result was nothing more than an amateurish effort – poor acting, poor editing, etc. – but it was a another stepping stone towards more.

Steve Zielinski as Chip Chiquita
Andrew Christou as Vito
John Hoffman as Chip's Uncle & Rose
Bob Socci as Lewis & Pepsi Monster
Victor M. Montalvo III as Delivery Man & Coke Monster
Frank Fusco as Doorman

Written by Frank Fusco, Steve Zielinski & Billy Kelly
Edited by Kevin Fallo
Directed by Frank Fusco

©1990 Bubjunior Productions

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