Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Against The Grain Cover Zombula 451˚

Further proof that Zombula 451˚ was an awesome band... After putting up the Zombula post I got a comment with sincere thanks from A.G. of the NYHC band Against The Grain. Rob Kabula (from Agnostic Front) was also in that band, so there's the connection. These guys were such fans of Zombula that they covered and recorded Zombula's "Misery". How many unsigned local bands do you know that get covered?

[DOWNLOAD] Against The Grain - "Misery" - Will You Ever Come Back Session

Adriano "A.G." Garcia - vocals
Carlos Diaz - guitar
Rob Kabula - bass
Stan Ambro - drums
Rob Portvliet - bass
Chris D'Alessandro - guitar

Here's Against The Grain's myspace page...

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