Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vision of Disorder (1992 - 2002)

Vision of Disorder is tangentially attached to Bellmore's "unscene" through drummer Brendon Cohen – he hung out with the Whatsoever boys and I grew up with his brother. In the 1990's, V.O.D. had a rather large following and released four studio albums: Vision of Disorder (Roadrunner Records, 1996), Imprint (Roadrunner Records, 1998), For the Bleeders (Go Kart Records, 1999), and From Bliss to Devastation (TVT Records, 2001). They toured the world and even met Ozzy when they played OzzFest in '97. But bad managing and poor label support finally did the band in, in 2002.

Here's the Vision of Disorder clip that was cut from Bellmore: The Unscene (which can be found on the "extras" DVD)...

From what I can find on the web, it looks like V.O.D. reunited around 2007, released Dead In New York (2008), a DVD featuring live performances and backstage footage of their reunion tour, and are possibly recording a new album.

Here's the band's MySpace page...

Tim Williams - vocals
Mike Kennedy - guitar
Matt Baumbach - guitar
Mike Fleischmann - bass
Brendon Cohen - drums

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